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Signs Hanger
Signs Hanger

Signs Hanger

Designed by Big-Game for Karimoku New Standard

If your image of modernism is filled with dour faces and an unleavened seriousness, the international trio of designers behind Big-Game Studio will change that outlook in a heartbeat. Consider their Signs Coat Stand. Six arms attach to a central wooden post that pivots and folds out in 2 directions to form the hooks that hold coats and bags. A bonus is the amusement factor: with the arms deployed, the hall stand calls to mind the characters of an archaic alphabet. Strong magnets hidden within the 5-foot-7 (1720mm) central post hold the hooks in vertical position when not in use. Unstintingly crafted by the artisans at Karimoku New Standard in Itaya Maple, this rack comes in either a clear-coat natural finish or an opaque sky gray.


$620 $0


68" h x 14" w (172x36cm)



Available Options:

Finish: Natural , Grey