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Spark Footstool: Black + Black Stained Oak Runners
Spark Footstool: Black + Black Stained Oak Runners

Spark Footstool


Alone or paired with the complementary lounge chair, the footstool from the Spark duo by Stockholm-based Massproductions derives its name from the nickname for the traditional Nordic kick sled.

Both stool and lounge chair comprise of a a steel framework mounted on wooden runners—giving an unmistakeable resemblance to the Swedish "spark" (dubbed for the kicking motion used to propel it). Clad in canvas and with the chair's armrests covered in leather, the seating makes the most of this offbeat inspiration, in a highly distinctive melding of imaginative design and comfort.




15.4" h x 21.7" w x 17.1" d (39x55x43.5cm)


Steel, oak or beech runners

Available Options:

Finish: Black + Black Stained Oak Runners , Ivory + Walnut Stained Beech Runners , Ultramine Blue + Walnut Stained Beech Runners