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String Works: Height Adjustable Work Desk + Conference Table + Ash
String Works: Height Adjustable Work Desk + Conference Table + Ash

String Works: Height Adjustable Work Desk


If sitting is the new smoking, where do we stand? The height-adjustable desk from Swedish design house String mixes it up during the course of a shift, and all at the touch of a button. Unlike many other desks in this category, String's maintains the signature visually light profile of the rest of this modular line, in this case due to the slim metal tubes that make up the framework. An adjustment range between 715 and 1185mm means the desk height fits a wide range of standing adults. Ample space under the desk, plus the option of cable routing and a small table-top compartment for passing device cables. Ample space under the desk, plus a plethora of attachments and accessories to optimize a clutter-free, yet functional zone, makes this one elegant work horse for office for home use. What's more, the desk comes in 3 sizes, the larger version lending itself to more of a collective or conference application.

As the longest-running resource for this Swedish heritage brand in North America, A+R offers the entire String collection.

(And p.s., recent studies indicate that it's not so much sitting but a lack of physical exercise that contributes to health issues. So split the time you sit and stand at your desk—and don't skip those all-critical brisk walks at break time!).


$2,145 – $4,654 based on final options selected


  • Work Desk:
    • Small: 28" - 46.7" h x 47.2" l x 30.7" d (71.5 - 118.5x120x78cm)
    • Medium: 28" - 46.7" h x 55" l x 30.7" d (71.5 - 118.5x140x78cm)
    • Large: 28" - 46.7" h x 63" l x 30.75" d (71.5 - 118.5x160x78cm)
  • Meeting Table: 28" - 46.7" h x 71" w x 35.5" d (71.5 - 118.5x180x90cm)
  • Conference Table: 28" - 46.7" h x 141.75" w x 35.5" d (71.5 - 118.5x360x90cm)


Ash or oak veneer, powder-coated steel


  • Height adjustable from 28.15in (71.5cm) to 46.75 (118.5cm)
  • Also available in Meeting and Conference Tables

Please email info@aplusrstore.com for stock availability.

Available Options:

Size: Small Desk - 47.2" , Medium Desk - 55" , Large Desk - 63" , Meeting Table , Conference Table

Table Finish: Oak , Ash , White Laminate , Light Grey Linoleum